Bonanza Jellyfish

a.k.a. Sydney Torin Shepherd

Bonanza emerged, fully formed as Aphrodite from the sea, in a sandstorm that swept the Black Rock Desert some 18-100 years ago (her exact age remains undetermined). After proving herself quite a notorious cowgirl, she joined up with a group of traveling gypsies, heading east to the city of New York. Along her travels, she learned the skills of singing and play-acting as well as the cello, banjo, guitar, Celtic harp, piano, and dulcimer. Upon her arrival in the big city, Bonnie landed a big ol' Broadway gig and not long after began conspiring with Roy and Clarissa, plotting world musical domination. She splits her time between musical hold-ups, pretending to be other people, reading Tom Robbins, painting her face, and perfecting her lassoing skills. Find out more about her alter-ego at