Roy Dodger

a.k.a. Adrian Blake Enscoe


Roy Dodger is the most dashing male bandit and the source of many of the risky ideas that the Bandits somehow always get away with. He is known for biting off more than he can chew, which is why he plays the most instruments simultaneously in the group (a guitar, a suitcase kick drum, and a foot tambourine) even as he croons long and strong right into the hearts of the audience. His alter ego, Adrian Blake Enscoe, is an actor/instrumentalist whose portrayals of many banjo/mandolin/guitar-playing ne’er-do-wells have been featured in several Off Broadway musicals (most recently Folk Wandering at ART New York). You can catch him in the (title) role of Austin Dickinson (the brother of Emily Dickinson) in the upcoming Apple TV series DICKINSON (Fall 2019). Enscoe is also known to create off-kilter Papier-Mâche masks on occasion.