Roy Dodger

a.k.a. Adrian Blake Enscoe

Roy Dodger is the product of a truly aristocratic upbringing. Born to extraordinarily wealthy parents and brought up hand and foot on a silver spoon, he became itchy as a teen, and when his parents responded by sending him to a fancy academy in Pittsburgh, he followed suit and took the first chance he got to blow that Popsicle stand, running away to join the circus. A few years later after a close brunch with death involving 2 elephants, a ring of fire, and a peeled peach, he went rogue when the circus was held up at customs at JFK international airport. He left a very convincing dummy (the circus probably still doesn't know he's gone) and burrowed into the street thieving scene in the big apple, where he ran under the alias Gene Jacket, conducting solo hold ups on the NYC subway, and occasionally scoring sporadic gigs in the movies whenever they needed a whipersnapper with a ski-jump nose. He ran into Bonanza Jellyfish one night and the two conspired to start a whimsical crime ring the likes of which no one had ever seen before. The rest is banditstory. He is the proud owner of 3 guitars which have a whole lot of character but rarely stay in tune.