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The New Millennium is turning 18. So we will be celebrating all the glorious things that come with an 18th birthday (tattoos! voting! lottery tickets! legal drinking age in sane countries! adulthood! girlie magazines! jury duty!) in true Bandits style, with a slew of our favorite performers at our legendary hideaway, Pete’s Candy Store! 

We all know that the past few years have been so gosh darn nuts because the New Millennium has been going through its teenage growing pains. Now that it is turing 18, we can only hope it will move out of its parents house, go to college or trade school, get a job, or hell even take a gap year, and start getting its act together!

Speaking of getting acts together, here's the killer lineup we have assembled: 

IMRAN AHMED! --music
ELLIAH HEIFETZ & friends! --music
JOHN SHEPARD! --comedy
Lion and Spaniel! --music
Christopher Sears & The People In The Painting! --music and visual art
aaaand Bandits On The Run to ring in the NEW YEAR!!!!!

Featuring appearances by Raw Roadie, Manny the Manager, Speakeasy Sloane, Dave and his Didgeridoo, AND MORE!

The last time we did a new years shindig at Pete's, we nearly blew the roof off the place. Let's see what happens this go-round. Free show of course, delicious beverages, and surprise hijinks around every corner.

Your ever-faithful mirth-makers,
Bandits On The Ruuuuuun